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Food in Santa Fe

Must Try Food in Santa Fe New Mexico

The local cuisine in Santa Fe, NM is unique.  Locals will tell you adamantly that it is “New Mexican” and not Mexican food, and they are very right. Vibrant, unique flavors and interesting textures permeated my meals while I was visiting Santa Fe.  Here are some ideas about food in Santa Fe , New Mexico […]

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Layover in New York?

Stuck on an extended layover in New York?  You don’t feel like you are trapped in airport purgatory!  If you have a layover of 4-6 hours or more, you have time to head into Manhattan for some great food! From JFK:   Start by taking the air train from JFK.  You can either take the […]

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Minneapolis and St Paul Facts

Minneapolis and St Paul: 8 Surprising Things You Might Not Know

I don’t exactly know why, but Minneapolis and St Paul often get passed up as prime tourism destinations in favor or their warmer, more posh companions.  Do people really think that winter here lasts all year?  Or that mosquitos are going to pluck them off and carry them away in the summer?  Here are 8 […]

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A giant Shiva stone at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Tucson Gem Show: Hotel Row

Be sure to check out my other great posts about planning your trip to the Tucson Gem Show here! The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is actually a collection of individual shows located all over the city. In general, the main categories of items that you can find at the Tucson Gem Show include rough […]

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A flag at the memorial at Pearl harbor

Fabulous Friday Foto: A Moving Image of the USS Arizona Memorial

A moving picture of the flag at the USS Arizona Memorial commemorating the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  The Japanese made a surprise attack on the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in the early morning hours of December 7, 1941.  This marked the beginning of the US involvement in World War II. Though […]

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Thorncrown Chapel Arkansas

Looking Down the Road: What to do in Arkansas for One Day around Bentonville

Looking for ideas about what to do in Arkansas for one day in the Bentonville area?  Maybe not.  I know that I wasn’t particularly looking for this information.  No offense intended towards anyone that resides in Arkansas, but I had no idea that there were actually some pretty cool things to see there! Start your […]

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Garden of the Gods Colorado

Fabulous Friday Foto: In the Garden of Good and Evil-Garden of the Gods, CO

Taken in the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Colorado Springs is only a one hour and twenty minutes drive from Denver, so it makes a great day trip!  You can also check out the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs which has a beautiful chapel and an interesting museum of planes and […]

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Snowy mountain on Kodiak Island, AK

Fabulous Friday Foto: Alaska Photo – A Snowcapped Mountain on Kodiak Island, AK

A beautiful Alaska photo taken on Kodiak Island, AK.  Even though it was a grey, cloudy day, Kodiak Island was one of the most beautiful places that I had ever seen.  There was an abundance of wildlife to be seen everywhere (we saw a fox as we were driving around, and locals regularly see bears). […]

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Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota

Fabulous Friday Foto: An Afternoon Stop at Gooseberry Falls, MN

One of many scenic waterfalls on the drive up Highway 61 on Minnesota’s North shore, Gooseberry Falls makes a great stop for a picnic or to stretch one’s legs between Duluth and your final destination.  I love this waterfall because the main part of the falls is easily accessible for those with kids or someone who is mobility impaired.  For […]

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Buffalo skulls at Electric Park at the Tucson Gem Show

Tucson Gem Show: Electric Park / Kino Sports Complex

Be sure to check out my other great posts about planning your trip to the Tucson Gem Show here! At the Tucson Gem Show, once I have canvassed Hotel Row, Electric Park / Kino Sports Complex is reliably the second stop on my list. Electric Park/Kino Sports Complex is HUGE. Massive.  Gargantuan.  You get the […]

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