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Carcassonne Castle at night from the main gate

Five Travel Destinations that I Would Love to Return To!

These five travel destinations hold a special place in my heart!  What are your favorite places to travel? Carcasonne, France:  This medieval, Carcasonne’s impressive 3 kilometers of defensive walls and its castle have stood solidly protecting the medieval city since the 3rd century.  A visit to this fairy tale kingdom will make you feel like […]

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Changes: 5 Lessons Learned from Traveling with Baby

Babies change everything.  Especially travel. I had never put so much though into the process of going through the security line at the airport.  I planned out every move, every necessary action in the security dance, aware that every forgotten detail would become infinitely more difficult with a potentially fussy baby in arms and other […]

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A Cheese shop in the market in Nice France

6 Reasons to Get “Off the Beaten Path” and Out of the Big City on Your Next Trip!

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I love Paris almost like a member of my family, salivate over the thought of fish and chips at the pub in London and think that the chaos and history of Rome are an experience that every traveler should have. Despite my fondness for the world’s biggest cities and tourist hot spots, […]

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Sunrise Airplane Wing

Planning for a Trip: Make Your “Hit the Ground Running” Plan for a Smooth Arrival

I know some of you out there shun all aspects of planning for a trip .  Come on, admit it.  You know who you are. You love spontaneity and surprises.  Unexpected twists and turns that lead you in unknown directions are the icing on your travel cake. While I am not opposed to the occasional unexpected twist or […]

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Local liqueurs (which we ended up buying some of) in the quaint little street market next to Sacre Couer Basilica in Paris.

International Travel Tips: 13 Things to do on Your First Day in a City

1) Take a break immediately upon arrival.  This piece of advice from the Wandering Earl Blog is brilliant.  Sit.  Chill.  Have some coffee at a cafe in the airport.  Instead of running, exhausted and flustered, for the first train you see, sit down, relax and make a plan. 2) Ask your taxi driver where to eat.  […]

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Airport Passenger with luggage

A Tale of Two Suitcases

It was the best of times for the passenger with the bright orange, polka-dotted suitcase; it was the worst of times for the passenger with the standard issue black suitcase. It was the spring of hope for the passenger who has been given the joyous news that their luggage has been located and that it is […]

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The kids play area at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP)

Kid and Child Friendly Options at Minneaspolis St Paul Airport

For those traveling through MSP / Minneapolis St Paul Airport with kids, I have good news.  The Minneapolis St Paul Airport is overall a pretty kid friendly airport. **For the most part, the features that I am referring to relate to Terminal 1 (the main airport terminal) and not to Terminal 2 (the Hubert Hunphrey Terminal) except for […]

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Airport Passenger with luggage

Preparing for Takeoff: How Frequent Travel has Changed our Travel Preparation Routine

The reality is now settling in. We are leaving on a big trip in less than two weeks. We are all falling into our normal positions in this play that we act out every time we go somewhere; me in the role of the planner and the detail taker carer of-er and my husband as […]

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Boldly Go: How seeing the world has removed much of my fear of travel

She admonished me first not to go (though she knew that wouldn’t be an argument that she would win.)  She then told us that she thought that we shouldn’t ride on the metro in Madrid, because terrorists often target subways for bombings. My mother has never been to Europe, so she obviously had no idea […]

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Segovia Aqueduct

Trip Planning for a Short Trip: How to get the most our of your time

So, lets say you only have  a day or two in a city and you want to make sure you make the most of your limited time.  Or perhaps you have a long layover in an airport and you want to try to see something of the city that you are in. Whether you have […]

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