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Taking Kids on a Cruise

Why We Are Taking Kids on Cruise

A co worker asked me today, “So, who is watching your kids when you go on your cruise?”  I replied that we were taking kids on cruise, and her immediate repsonse was, “Why?  That isn’t going to be much of a vacation!” I was very confused about her response. I thought about it for a […]

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Sunrise Airplane Wing

Travel Inspiration: Seeing Your Home Country with a Whole New Perspective

Sorry, I am about to go off on a rant here.  Bear with me while I roll out some travel inspiration and/or something to think about while you are here chez moi. Sometimes I think that it just isn’t fair.  I have traveled all over the world and seen some great systems in place in other countries for taking […]

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When Off the Beaten Path Restaurant Plans Go Wrong

I am very proud of my “hole in the wall” radar, that finely honed sense that sets alarm bells blaring in my head when we run across one of those great, off the beaten path sorts of places. You know which ones I am talking about – those places that have been there forever and are […]

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traveling with baby

The Realities of Traveling with Baby

Different.  Not better or worse, but traveling with baby is definitely different. We trudged from the airport weighted down with all of our bags, the baby in his pouch on my chest because the stroller was being used to portage our caravan of accouterments, extra suitcases of baby food and other supplies and a car […]

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Slow Travel

Do You Want your Travel Experience From an Eye Dropper or a Bucket?

We used to do busy trips.  You know exactly the kind that I am talking about.  When there is just so much that you HAVE to see, and so little time to see it in that you cram your schedule full from morning until night so that you don’t feel like anything was left out. […]

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What I miss most about travelling

6 Things That I Miss Most About Travelling

I took my last trip almost 5 months ago.  Anyone who knows how much I am used to travelling will readily see that for me, this seems like an eternity. There is a good reason for my hiatus, and I have plenty of other things to keep me busy at the moment, but that doesn’t […]

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Peace ribbons at the edge of the DMZ in South Korea

Travel and World Peace: How Traveling the World has Changed My Perspective

The world news has been catching my attention lately in a way that it hasn’t in the past.  Seeing coverage of the election of the new Pope at the Vatican a few months back, and the details of the escalating instability in North Korea made me think of my recent visits to these places. Both of these […]

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A Cheese shop in the market in Nice France

6 Reasons to Get “Off the Beaten Path” and Out of the Big City on Your Next Trip!

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I love Paris almost like a member of my family, salivate over the thought of fish and chips at the pub in London and think that the chaos and history of Rome are an experience that every traveler should have. Despite my fondness for the world’s biggest cities and tourist hot spots, […]

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Fist Class Seats

Business Class vs First Class: A First Class Experience

Before getting the chance to fly in Business Class on a trans oceanic flight, I used to think, “First class…no big deal.  Just a bunch of stuck up rich people paying a heap more money just so they just get free drinks and a nicer food.” Now that I have seen the difference between business […]

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Our emergency landing at the Detroit airport

Broken Landing Gear! Our Airplane Emergency Landing Story

The whooshing/grinding noise that I was hearing from outside and underneath us was not a noise that the airplane was supposed to be making.  I was sure of it. Frequent flying gives one a pretty good idea of the range of normal noises that an airplane makes, and nope, that was definitely not one of them. I […]

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