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Ryan Air Airplane

A Day of Flying Standby

Flying standby is definitely a great benefit of working for an airline, but it comes at the price of some challenging, nerve wracking, nail biting days spent in the airport, wondering when you will get home. Today started with a 5:00am taxi ride to the Porto airport for a long day of flying standby. The Ryanair flight to Madrid […]

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Minneapolis Airport MSP

Late Night at the Airport; Overcoming Communication Barriers While Half Asleep

Another night…another late arriving flight.  Another planeful of passenger who are not where they want to be.  This is a story of resolving communication barriers while half asleep at an airport. To be completely fair, airlines transport an astounding number of passengers to their destinations each and every day with no delays whatsoever.  Unfortunately, this […]

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Departures Board at the Airport

Luck of the Irish: Our Dublin Standby Travel Adventure

ATL?  JFK? AMS? LHR? DUB?  When I started out on our morning of departure at 2:00am, each of these airports existed as a possibility for the day’s travels.  As it turned out, husband and brother went early to the airport, hoping for a highly coveted seat on the first flight of the day to Atlanta […]

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Seats at the MSP airport

Working MSP Airport: Attack of the Fog Monster

It all started with the fog.  It crept like a wraith, obscuring the landscape under a fluffy, ethereal blanket. From all that I can tell from my post at the re booking center at the MSP airport, parts of Minnesota as well as North and South Dakota have been eaten by a giant fog monster […]

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Seats at the MSP airport

Please don’t be one of “those” people…Flying on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is time for giving thanks.  On this Thanksgiving eve, I am giving thanks for the fact that I am not at work at the airport tonight. I realize that you all have your reasons for traveling on this particularly inauspicious day.  You couldn’t get any extra time off of work or school, your already […]

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