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Thai Papaya Salad

Overcoming a Fear of Spicy Food in Thailand

I have never been a fan of spicy foods.  I was always the one that thought that something was spicy when no one else did, gulping down water and wiping tears from my eyes.  That was until I tried the food in Thailand. My taste buds just haven’t been the same since!   The food in […]

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Fish and Chips

The Best Fish and Chips in Scotland

The grease seeped tantalizingly through the paper wrapper as I unwrapped my precious bundle like a child on Christmas morning.  I had been waiting for months, trying to hold back my excitement and now the moment was finally here. I impatiently bit into the too hot piece of fish, sinking my teeth into the firm […]

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Cherry tomatoes at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market

The Importance of Including Local Farmers Markets in Your Travel Plans

Blackberries at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market This morning has taken me in an unexpected direction. I am currently in Harrisonburg, VA on a visit to some friends. My day’s plans came via text message. “Farmers market this morning till noon!!! Bike down Wolfe Street to Liberty Street, head left.” I love visiting local markets, especially […]

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Bowl of noodles at the vending machine restaurant in Tokyo

Our First Tokyo Dining Experience: Vending Machine Restaurant in Tokyo

Tokyo has been slightly intimidating. No, change that. Tokyo has been very intimidating. We have been managing, but nothing seems to be easy. It has been testing all of our foreign travel skills much moreso than our previous travels to Europe or even to Thailand have (Thailand was very westernized in many ways, and EVERYTHING […]

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Thai chili peppers

Visiting a Thailand Market; A Photo Essay

A visit to the local market is always a highlight of any trip for me. When we walked into the Thailand market , my senses were assaulted with a number of unusual sights and smells. The pungent smell of fresh chili peppers and unusual herbs and spices tickled my nose.  Fresh fish and seafood of […]

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Leo Burdock's fish and chips in Dublin

Where to Find The Best Fish and Chips in Dublin

I love fish and chips. I crave them at odd moments when I am not expecting it. The thought of that greasy, salty goodness makes me salivate. I have yet to find fish and chips here in the US that measures up to what we have had across the pond, so seeking out the best […]

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What to do in Dublin Johnny Fox's Hooley Night

What to do in Dublin – Johnny Fox’s Hooley Night

Looking for ideas for what to do in Dublin ?  Consider a trip to Johnnie Fox’s Pub for its famous Hooley Night. What is a Hooley night, you might be wondering?  At Johnnie Fox’s, Hooley night means a showcase of the best of Irish culture, including great local food, toe tapping Irish music and Irish dancing from […]

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The Red Lion Pub in Avebury, one of our lunch stops.

Reminiscing about our Favorite United Kingdom Pubs

I visited the Contented Cow the other night.  It is our local British pub, and the next best thing to being at a pub in the United Kingdom.  I had a great time, and it gt me reminiscing about the great pubs that we visited on our trip to the UK in June of 2011. […]

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A Line of martinis, Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid.

Fabulous Friday Foto: Martinis at the Mercado San Miguel; Madrid, Spain

A Line of martinis in Mercado de San Miguel , Madrid. We had a great time here trying out different kinds of foods!

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Traditional tea ceremony room in Tokyo

Japanese Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

Straw mats lined the floor, and soft light filtered in from the paper windows. Even though we were 7 floors up in a huge hotel in Japan, it seemed that we had been transported to a traditional Japanese tea house. There was a square hole in the middle of the floor which held the focal […]

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