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Fabulous Friday Foto: Glastonbury Abbey, England

The Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, England

  Glastonbury Abbey is the site of a spectacular set of ruins of an ancient 12th century monastery.  Located in south west England, Glastonbury Abbey was an extremely worthy afternoon excursion. Walking through the ruins of the ancient monastery makes you feel like you have stepped into another time, and they are filled with incredible photo […]

Fabulous Friday Foto: Subway Station in St Petersburg Russia

Inside of the subway station in St. Peterburg Russia

  The ornate decorations and antiquated train cars that we saw in the subway station in St Petersburg Russia looked like they came from another era (they actually reminded me of the antique subway cars that we saw at a museum in New York from the 50’s and 60’s).  The subway station itself was ornately […]

Fabulous Friday Foto: Picturesque Medieval Village in the South of France

Cote du Rhone Villages

Little, picturesque, medieval villages dot the countryside in the South of France like jewels in a crown.  This photo was taken in Entrechaux, France, after an exhilarating bicycle adventure. Because these villages in the Cote du Rhone region of France are not well connected by public transit (you really need to have a car), they are relatively light on […]

Fabulous Friday Foto: A 1,000 Year Old Temple in Chiang Dao Thailand

A 1,000 year old wat near Chiang Dao Nest, Thailand

This temple looked older than time itself.  It was slowly deteriorating, and it looked like the moss growing all over it might have been playing a role in holding it together.  Quiet hung around the ancient monument like a child hanging on its mother’s skirts.  The atmosphere in this off the beaten path temple in […]

Fabulous Friday Foto: Wandering the Back Alleys in Porto Portugal

Street in Porto Portugal

One of the great things about wandering around in Porto Portugal are all of the winding streets that crisscross the hillside next to the Douro River. You can get lost wandering the skinny streets and back alleyways of Porto. Wandering off the beaten path, you get a candid glimpse into the lives of the people […]

Fabulous Friday Foto: Incense and Offerings At A Temple in Thailand

Worship At Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

I found the sincerity of the offerings that we saw being made at the temples that we visited around Thailand to be refreshing.  It was clearly evident that the majority of the people who were there to worship at the temple in Thailand felt a deep connected to their faith.  They had taken time out […]