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What to do in Dublin Johnny Fox's Hooley Night

What to do in Dublin – Johnny Fox’s Hooley Night

Looking for ideas for what to do in Dublin ?  Consider a trip to Johnnie Fox’s Pub for its famous Hooley Night. What is a Hooley night, you might be wondering?  At Johnnie Fox’s, Hooley night means a showcase of the best of Irish culture, including great local food, toe tapping Irish music and Irish dancing from […]

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Ireland Countryside

St Patricks Day in Ireland

The biggest question since I got back has obviously been, “How was St. Patricks Day in Ireland?”  I am not wanting to disappoint anyone, but we discovered that  St Patricks Day in Ireland is celebrated very differently than we celebrate St Particks Day in the United States. We chose to forego spending St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin […]

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Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Fabulous Friday Foto: Famous Cliffs in Ireland – The Cliffs of Moher

  The Most Famous Cliffs in Ireland : We took a drive across the country from Dublin to visit the most famous cliffs in Ireland – the Cliffs of Moher.  They are located on the western side of Ireland, about 2 hours from Dublin.  Even on a rainy, foggy day, the cliffs were spectacular!  The layers […]

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Our car in Ireland

Transportation in Ireland: Car Rental Problems

Score for day one: Us 3, Dublin 1. All in all, things are going pretty well. We scored 3 goals today; making it successfully to the hotel in record time AND getting checked in and into Dublin in time to do some sightseeing this afternoon. We also scored a lunch of fish and chips from […]

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Viking Splash Duck Boat Tour

What to do in Dublin: Viking Splash Tours (the BEST tour in Dublin!)

Are you looking for suggestions about what to do in Dublin ?  I have a great one.  I can point you in the direction of the very best tour in Dublin. Hands down, the most entertaining, enjoyable tour in Dublin (and one of the best tours that we have ever been on anywhere, for that matter): Viking Splash […]

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Dublin Mongolian Barbecue

Budget Dining Restaurant in Dublin: Healthy, Inexpensive Cuisine at Dublin’s Mongolian Barbecue

After a heaping helping of greasy wonderfulness in the form of the “best fish and chips in Ireland” yesterday, I found myself needing intake of a vegetable other than a potato. I found what I was looking for in the form of the Mongolian Barbecue, centrally located in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. For […]

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Ireland Castle

Fabulous Friday Foto: Ireland Castle Photo

A beautiful castle seen while driving in the Irish countryside. Ireland is a country full of ancient ruins dotting the sides of the roads. You don’t have to drive very long before finding a castle to explore in private, as many of them have very little tourist traffic.

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The Ha'penney bridge in Dublin

First Impressions of Ireland: Seeing the sights in Dublin

Our first impressions of Ireland came through two days to see the sights in Dublin.  Dublin is a vibrant European city that is still small enough to give a sense of reassuring familiarity after a day or two. More laid back feeling than Edinburgh or London, Dublin’s small scale and the incredibly friendly people there […]

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Departures Board at the Airport

Luck of the Irish: Our Dublin Standby Travel Adventure

ATL?  JFK? AMS? LHR? DUB?  When I started out on our morning of departure at 2:00am, each of these airports existed as a possibility for the day’s travels.  As it turned out, husband and brother went early to the airport, hoping for a highly coveted seat on the first flight of the day to Atlanta […]

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Irish Countryside

Looking Down the Road: St Patricks Day In Ireland

Beautiful, rugged scenery…check.  Fish and chips….check.  Great whiskey….check.  Leprachauns….check.  Can you guess where we are heading next?  St Patricks Day in Ireland here we come! It looks like we might be unexpectedly spending St Patricks Day in Ireland in a couple of weeks (the fact that I can suddenly find myself in the midst of […]

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