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11 Things that I am LOVING about my Holland America Cruise

Holland America Buffet

Considering booking a Holland America Cruise?  Check out some of the highlights of my recent Holland America Cruise: High quality food, and way too much of it.  Nearly every dish that we have eaten has been well seasoned, elegantly presented and an appropriate temperature (even in the buffet!)  Dining on the ship has been a real culinary pleasure. […]

Next up Norway…Denmark…Sweden…Russia…Our Amazing Cruise Upgrade

Shanna on the balcony on the Eurodam saying goodbye to Amsterdam

  The travel angels that watch over us work their magic in mysterious ways. One moment, we were preparing for our 7 day Holland America adventure to Norway. The next moment we were ecstatically repacking our bags for a mind blowing 19 day adventure all over northern Europe! An opportunity was presented to us that […]

Looking Down the Road: We’re Going to Norway!

Fjord in Norway

Norway, here we come! Photo by Percita Norway, a land of beautiful fjords and epic scenery.  A land filled with lots of snow and  pure, clean water. A land that I considered too expensive until we got an incredible deal on a seven day cruise to Norway in August.  Norway, here we come! Sleeping and […]