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Street food in Thailand

Thailand Street Food Recap

I was thoroughly confused.  I had been doing my due diligence on the internet with regards to street food in Thailand and have come to no conclusive stance one way or there other as to whether eating it posed a threat to out lives or not. I had heard and read many different opinions about whether eating […]

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Should you visit the Long Neck Karen tribe in Thailand or not?

I felt trepidation about our upcoming tour stop at a hill tribe village.  After seeing iconic photos of the Karen ” Long Neck ” hill tribe women in National Geographic and other publications over the years, my husband wanted to see for himself these women who have made such a unique lifestyle choice.The whole thing […]

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The temple at Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Things to do in Chiang Mai: Our Impressions and Tips for Travel

I have mixed feelings about my time here in Chiang Mai. While we still had a good time, it was not really what I had expected. I am not honestly sure what I had expected, but I feel somehow a little disappointed by this city. There are lots of great things to do in Chiang […]

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Chiang Mai flower market

Reflections and suggestions for Chiang Mai Thailand

I guess I feel a little let down by Chiang Mai Thailand.  It is not Chiang Mai’s fault…my expectations of this northern Thai city had been bolstered by reading the many reports from other travel bloggers on the internet, and the short time that we had to spend there just didn’t leave enough time for […]

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A typical elephant ride in Thailand

Elephant Abuse in Thailand

We normally try to avoid things like this, and in the past we have been successful. It all started very innocently. We booked a tour package that included a number of things…one of them being an elephant ride. It was nice to do the tourist thing for once and just pay someone to take us […]

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A local bus in Thailand

Transportation Options In Thailand

Taxi: This was generally our preferred method of getting around in Thailand, when it was available. They were more comfortable to ride in than either of the options listed below, and generally didn’t cost too much more. Taxis were abundant in Bangkok. Just outside of the airport there are designated public taxi stands where the […]

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Chiang Mai flower market

Our Day in Chiang Mai Thailand

We dropped our laundry off yesterday to the place across the street from our hotel in Chiang Mai Thailand that our hosts recommended. It looked like a pretty seedy operation. She took our bag of laundry and threw it into a pile with many other bags of laundry. We were quite dubious as to whether we would […]

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Thailand Tree Shrine

Fabulous Friday Foto: Tree Spirit House – Thailand Shrine Photo

There are shrines like this all over Thailand, in front of houses and stores. THe ones that I found most interesting were the ones near large trees. They were obviously placed near the “grandmother” tree in the area and were fed and well cared for, even though they were in the middle of the forest. […]

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The view of the mountains in Chiang Dao Thailand

Leaving Paradise – Our Departure from Chiang Dao Nest

Our three nights at Chiang Dao Nest are over, and it is time to continue on with our adventure.  It is with a certain saddness that we leave, as this place has left a special mark on my heart. My memories of this place include a magical walk up to a monastery in the mountains, […]

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A quaint roadside restaurant that we stopped at in Chiang Dao Thailand for lunch that was right on the river.

Off the Beaten Path in Thailand: Our Thai Food Culinary Adventure

Since we arrived in Chiang Dao, we have been staying at Chiang Dao Nest I then II, both of which have lovely restuarants, so we really have not had to venture too far off the beaten path Thailand as far as food is concerned. We are always striving for authentic culinary experiences while traveling. This consideration, coupled […]

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