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Path in Toyko, Japan

Fabulous Friday Foto: At a Temple in Tokyo

This photo was taken while exploring a temple in Tokyo.  It was nestled among a group of tall office buildings.  This is one of the aspects of Tokyo that I found so fascinating…that you could be walking in the middle of an urban jungle and suddenly find yourself in the midst of the quiet, peaceful oasis of […]

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Bowl of noodles at the vending machine restaurant in Tokyo

Our First Tokyo Dining Experience: Vending Machine Restaurant in Tokyo

Tokyo has been slightly intimidating. No, change that. Tokyo has been very intimidating. We have been managing, but nothing seems to be easy. It has been testing all of our foreign travel skills much moreso than our previous travels to Europe or even to Thailand have (Thailand was very westernized in many ways, and EVERYTHING […]

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Thailand or Japan

Thailand or Japan? A useful Comparison Between the Two Countries

Are you considering whether you should go to Thailand or Japan on your next vacation? The points of comparison below should help you to make an informed decision. Thailand or Japan? Weather: No contest here, Thailand has much nicer weather at this time of year (January). It is colder here in Tokyo right now than […]

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Traditional tea ceremony room in Tokyo

Japanese Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

Straw mats lined the floor, and soft light filtered in from the paper windows. Even though we were 7 floors up in a huge hotel in Japan, it seemed that we had been transported to a traditional Japanese tea house. There was a square hole in the middle of the floor which held the focal […]

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Sensoji Temple in Tokyo

The Importance of Leaving Room for Flexibility When you make travel plans

We are on a gradual descent back into normal reality. We are on the flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, turning the clock backwards 12 hours and crossing the date line, so we will be arriving the day before we left (I love the time warp that happens traveling back from Asia, and seeing the […]

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What the Japanese can teach us about toilets: Bringing civility to the bathroom stall

I had been standing, waiting for a bathroom stall for more than a minute or two.  There was only one person in front of me, but the normal rhythm of the women’s bathroom seemed to be off.  These people were taking quite a long time to complete their bathroom necessities.  Finally, it was my turn. […]

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