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Shanna is a travel professional in the airline and hotel industries. She lives in Lonsdale, MN and there enjoys cooking and gardening. Her favorite places to travel are Scotland and France. Shanna writes about travel in the Midwestern part of the United States at her blog A Midwest Travel Companion More About Shanna Google

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The Realities of Traveling with Baby

Different.  Not better or worse, but definitely different. We trudged from the airport weighted down with all of our bags, the baby in his pouch on my chest because the stroller was being used to portage our caravan of accouterments, extra suitcases of baby food and other supplies and a car seat. Instead of being […]

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The Best Restaurants in Santorini and Crete: A Foodie’s Tour

Greece is popular place for sun worshiping beach lovers, but it has a double identity..thanks to the mild climate and fertile soil, this sun drenched country has amazing local produce which also make it an off the beaten path, culinary adventure waiting to be experienced. Let’s start our mouth watering, culinary tour of the best restaurants […]

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All the Way Out There —Tips for Visiting Cape Verde

You’ve probably read or heard about Cape Verde and how it’s an absolute must-visit travel destination and one of those rare remaining tranquil natural beauties left in the world. After seeing or hearing the raves about the country, which is actually an island, you’ll no doubt be searching online to find out how much getting to […]

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The Ha'penney bridge in Dublin

Travel in Focus: Things to do in Dublin

Travel in Focus is a monthly feature highlighting the best travel tips and suggestions for a particular place from around the web.  Check out the internet’s best travel writing about Dublin to help you plan your trip! What to See in Dublin: A Magical Ride on Dublin’s Storytelling Bus from World Wide Writer Dublin, A Unesco […]

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Carcassonne Castle at night from the main gate

Five Travel Destinations that I Would Love to Return To!

These five travel destinations hold a special place in my heart!  What are your favorite places to travel? Carcasonne, France:  This medieval, Carcasonne’s impressive 3 kilometers of defensive walls and its castle have stood solidly protecting the medieval city since the 3rd century.  A visit to this fairy tale kingdom will make you feel like […]

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Flowers In Nice France

Do You Want your Travel Experience From an Eye Dropper or a Bucket?

We used to do busy trips.  You know exactly the kind that I am talking about.  When there is just so much that you HAVE to see, and so little time to see it in that you cram your schedule full from morning until night so that you don’t feel like anything was left out. […]

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Lavender, Cote du Rhone, France

Nice is nice! Escaping on a French Holiday!

France is whispering in my ear.  “Come, Mon Cherie, visit me please?  It has been too long since you enjoyed my fine wines, luscious foods and excellent pastries“. Really, I am spoiled.  It has been too long.  It has been two years since our last international adventure.  Pregnancy, then baby took its toll on my […]

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Markets of the World: Columbia Road Flower Market in London

When I visited East London last November, one of the recommendations that popped up time after time were the London markets located in the East End. I went to several of them over the weekend (some are exclusively either on Saturdays or Sundays), and far and away, the prettiest market I visited was the Columbia […]

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Markets of the World: Mercado Hidalgo, Tijuana Mexico

A sunny Tuesday morning my husband and I decided to cross the border to Tijuana, Baja California. Our car was left at one of the parking lots in San Diego and a short bus ride took us to the center of town. The walk between the Centro and the Zona Rio is less than a […]

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Australia Kangaroo

A Guide to the Best Things to do in Australia – What You Need to Know Before Travelling

If Australia is on your bucket list then you are definitely not alone. Every year over 6 million people visit Australia to take in its natural wonders and explore its undeniable beauty. Before we discuss the best things to do in Australia, it is important to address some of the questions which create silly Australian […]

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